As Kentucky's first Silver Partner with Xero Accounting Software we are positioned to help drive your business forward.  Xero allows you to spend more time, and spend less money, running your business.  From retail to service, to fabricating,  to one person operations, we have a Business Connect Package for you.  Login to your accounting software anytime, anywhere, with a direct connection to our offices.  Receive timely management reports, balance sheets, income statements, bank balances and more with Xero and Dana C Overall CPA PSC.


Contact us for a quote at or call 859 625-2844.  With Xero and cloud computing, location is no longer a limiting factor in obtaining quality, affordable, reliable accounting software with professional support and reports.  Conversion from your existing accounting software is available. Contact us today, 859 625-2844.


Dana C Overall CPA

At Dana C Overall CPA PSC, the careful management of your finances is our top priority. 

We pride ourselves on providing you personalized and thorough professional service that exceeds your expectations.

Tax returns and documents can be uploaded or downloaded through our secure, encrypted Client Portal. 

Please  contact our office for details.

We provide a full range of tax and accounting services for our clients and offer consulting services for special needs.  In addition, as the only local CPA who is a Certified 401K plan administrator, Dana C Overall CPA, PSC can assist you with your 401K plan from inception to form filing to compliance testing to a local Third Party Plan Administrator (TPA).

Tax Services

At Dana C Overall CPA, PSC, we provide tax services for individuals, estates, and a wide range of businesses including LLC's, S-Corporations, and Non-Profits.

A full range of Individual Income Tax services are available at our office. Do you want your finances to be addressed by someone sitting in a department store Kiosk, or a trained, professional CPA?  At Dana C Overall CPA, PSC, a CPA prepares your income tax return from start to finish. In addition, we electronically file every individual income tax return. If a client so desires, a return visit to our office is not required as we can make your filed tax return available to you through our secure 128/256 Bit SSL Encrypted Client Portal.    Please  contact our office for details.

Do you want our fees deducted from your refund?  As a firm Certified in Compliance and Assessment Training, we can have our fees deducted from your refund.  This does not delay your refund.  You can have your refund as a check, direct deposit or loaded onto an American Express card.  It is that easy, just let us know.

As an approved contractor with Intuit/TurboTax CPA Select, we provide nationwide web based tax preparation services.  Using internal Work Flow Management, our response time is typically less than an hour with two day turnaround times, after all forms are uploaded.  Google TurboTax CPA Select for more information about this time saving, cost saving method for professional tax service with electronic filing and direct deposit of refunds.

As a Business client, you can expect attentive, knowledgeable and professional service from a CPA with experience in performing professional services for businesses including:  Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Office, Retail, Wholesale, Restaurant, Construction, Financial, Engineering, Telemarketing, Auto Repair, Legal Practice, Building Supply, Real Estate, Farming and many others.

For Business clients operating in the international environment, we are experienced in import/export.  We extend to our clients a wealth of knowledge on Harmonized Tariff Codes, Orginal Bill of Ladings, Commerical Invoices, Packing Lists and clearing agents to aid in classifying appropriately for the most advantagous tariffs, and to expedite the clearing of customs for your inventory or machinery.

Looking to keep up with the latest in Tax and Financial News?  View the latest Tax and Financial News article in our Newsletter.

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Accounting Services

We provide a wide range of  accounting services. We offer these services on both an ongoing and a special needs basis. Please call us for details on how we can fulfill your accounting needs.

We offer, through our Payroll Processing Division, direct deposit payroll. From our office, we can issue VISA Paycards for employees who do not have checking accounts.

We offer, through our Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Division, cost saving, customized, accounts receivable and accounts payable processing for our clients.  Please contact our office for details.


Visit our set of Financial Calculators for quick answers on topics such as your IRA, investments, your child's college tuition, and your mortgage or credit card calculations.

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Consulting Services

As much as you would like, not everything fits neatly into your plans. So we provide a full range of consulting services to address those "out of the box" needs.

Check out our Newsletter for the latest article on Financial Planning.

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client portal

We offer our clients an easy means to share encrypted files and documents in a secure environment. No more sending sensitive documents attached to an unsecure email.  Documents may be uploaded by either office for download by our clients using our secure, automated, password protected, SSL encrypted service.  Clients may upload documents using the portal on the main page for download at our office. An email will be sent when a document is uploaded with easy to following instructions on how to view or download the document.  Please contact our office for information about this time saving, easy to use, yet secure, free service.

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contact us at any of the following email addresses for answers to any questions you may have concerning our professional services:

For information concerning our Direct Deposit Payroll, contact our Payroll Division at:

For information concerning our Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable services, please contact us at:

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